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SOS. We Need To Discuss Deodorant!

SOS. We Need To Discuss Deodorant!

So I started a beauty series on my blog a while ago, and I think I've only posted once on there. The reason why I haven't posted much is because at first I thought "I don't know much about beauty things...who do I think I am!?"
But recently I've come to realize that I don't necessarily need to post make-up tutorials or anything like that. So today's post is dedicated to deodorant. LOL. Yes. You read correctly. DEODORANT. I admit this it's a little weird. This is definitely not like the kind of posts I usually write on my blog. BUT this is a serious issue for me! And if I'm going to have a blog and be open with you guys, I might as well talk about this.

Sooo let's get started shall we?!? 

Deodorant...HAHAHA! Sorry I just can't believe I'm still writing this. I'm literally laughing so hard right now. It's because I'm nervous! I've never done this before!! 

Here’s the thing. I don’t know a thing about deodorants. What I do know is that I haven't found the perfect one for me.

I swear. Nothing works on me!
I promise you I have to buy a different deodorant almost every month because after a month of use I start getting extra sweaty and extra stinkay. In the summers it's worse. My pits get SO sweaty and I have to go frequently to the bathroom to use paper towels to dry them off. And the stink, let me tell ya is not all that pleasant.




Sometimes I think to myself..."maybe this is God's way of telling me I need to embrace my beauty and just go all natural"
HA. SIKE! I could never.

ut in all seriousness, am I the only one that goes through this?! I'm seriously the only person I've met with this issue.

Which is why I'm here, writing this post and embarrassing myself... what deodorants work for you?!?!
At this point I'm using men deodorants aka the one Spencer uses but I smell like a man all the time so... it's not cutting it for me.

Help a girl out! And if any of you guys have the same problem, then even better, let's help each other out!!! ;)

Message me, comment, whatever... just send help! 

Ready, set, GO!

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