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Apps I Use To Edit My Pics

This has been a common question and i’m very excited to share some of the apps that i use to edit my pics!


So i’ve used lightroom for a while and i’ve created about 5 different presets (filters). I absolutely loveeee this app!!! Its so much fun for me to let my creativity loose and create my own presets. If you are wanting to use this app but don’t know how to create presets… i would recommend just buying some from other bloggers/influencers/photographers. There are some great ones out there!


I use afterlight sometimes to add that cool dusty effect on pictures to make them a little more vintage-y. I’m way into vintage so i absolutely love this app for it. They also have some fun filters you could use on your pics.


I use this app to smooth my skin out if its looking too grainy or if i have a pimple i remove it. I also use it to remove people or objects that i don’t want in the pic. I’m SUPER OCD when it comes to my pics so i just have to make sure the final copy is exactly the way i envisioned it hahaha.

Some other apps i used when i first started that i have loved:


I especially love this app because if you use the “selective” feature you can brighten/ darken different parts of the pic.


I mean common this app is just amazeee i love it so much!!! And their filters are so great to start!

If you have any more questions or need more explaining on these apps, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to help!

Much love, Laura

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