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Working With Brands

Ah finally. The post everyone has been waiting for. Before jumping right in, I want to point out that I am not whatsoever an expert at this. I am still learning new things day by day but I would love to share things that have helped me get to where I am today.

When I first decided I was going to do this whole blogging/influencer thing I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had basically close to zero knowledge on how social media worked. And I had no degree in marketing or social media. No idea what I was doing. None. Zero. El zippo.

I think you got the point, maybe? I express that because if you are a blogger who is feeling lost and doesn’t know where to start, i feel you. I was there.

Lucky for you I have been at this for almost two years and I have a few tricks up my sleeve.


So i am going to be a little blunt here with ya, because lets be real, that’s just me. If you haven’t established a following yet, you should probably focus on that before trying to work with brands.

You don’t have to have a huge following or get hundreds of thousands of views, likes, but you do need to be influential. I wont get into it much because i could be typing all day. The point is brands want to work with people who can influence. Blogs don’t make money, influence does. And so if you don’t have that influence yet, then there’s not much you can offer to brands.


Whats the point of them? If you are reaching out to a brand to work with you before you even establish an influence, then its obvious that basically you would be the only one who benefits from the collaboration. The whole point for collaborations is so both the brand and you are winning. You use your platforms to promote a product, generate a few sales, and in return you get paid (depending on your engagements) and, or the brand provides you with products.


There are three different ways you can make this happen: Blogging networks, reaching out to brands directly, and the brands reaching out to you.


This one is a bit tricky. Its hard to send an email and say “hey, i like your brand and would love to have a chance to work with you” kinda thing. You are going to get rejected left to right. But you just gotta do it. Ya know? Ever heard of the phrase “if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no?” Yes, there will be brands who wont want to work with you at the time you send that email, or brands who don’t even respond. But there will also be brands willing to take a chance on you. Let that motivate you to keep going!


Create an email template you would like to send to brands.

  • Introduce yourself. Tell them all about your blog and what is the purpose of it.

  • Tell them about your experience with working with other brands (if you have any). If not, don’t worry.

  • Mention what you like about their brand and their products. This captures their attention.

  • Move on to telling them what you plan on doing with their product on your platforms.

  • And don’t forget to list all of your platforms links so they can check them out.



When you are out there looking for contacts. Always go to their website and find their PR contact first. If they don’t have one then move on to contacting the email they have listed there.


Instagram makes it so easy. If you go to their business profile they should always have an email button option, click on that and most brands have their pr contact listed on there.


On the hunt for new brands? That’s what google is for. You can always find new brands on there.


Some brands aren’t worth working with. You have to start somewhere, so i get that sometimes you’ll have to take that deal of “we’ll give you 50% off our products, in return, for a post on your page” But once you have gotten to the point where you can see you have an influence then that is the time to start putting your foot down and not taking less than what you deserve. Meaning if you have to still be paying for products just to work with someone, then its no longer worth it. Like i mentioned earlier. A collaboration should always be a win win for you and the brand. If you are feeling uneasy about something, then its not worth it. And remember ALWAYS stay true to yourself and the purpose of your blog.

I hope this blog post comes in handy for those who have been feeling a little lost with the whole blogging/influencer game. It can be hard to start out but it is NOT impossible.


Much Love, Laura

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