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Its Official! I Have Found The Best Make-Up Ever!

Its Official! I Have Found The Best Make-Up Ever!

So I’ve hinted a bit about this but I wouldn’t feel like a good girlfriend if I didn’t tell you guys about my all time favorite makeup line, Maskcara!!! I want to start off with saying I have never been someone that knows a ton about make-up. I usually just put on what I believe looks good on me and that's about it. That is why you don't see many beauty posts on here. I'm a pretty simple girl. I'm all about what is the easiest, fastest AND let's not forget cheapest. I want my opinions and recommendations from sales to be real. And since I don’t use that many beauty products, that limits things. BUT you guys, this one has been a game changer for me!! So I just HAD to share why I love it so much!

The concept of Maskcara is to bring simplicity, quality and affordability into your makeup routine. You can customize your very own makeup pallet so everything you need to get ready is in one darling little makeup compact. Cara, the founder of Maskcara, wanted to provide women with quality makeup that doesn’t break the bank (CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH!). I first heard of Maskcara when my sister in-law became a makeup artist for the brand. I can't tell you how fun and exciting it has been to watch her passion and love of being a makeup artist and helping others feel beautiful by bringing out their natural beauty. 

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Another thing I absolutely LOVE about this brand is that it is seriously the fastest make-up routine of a lifetime! It takes me 10 minutes to do my entire make up, from start to finish. If i'm ever in a hurry, 10 minutes is completely doable if you ask me! Now let's talk coverage! I don't usually like wearing make-up because your typical make-up feels SO heavy, greasy and almost looks cakey. And my husband HATES when I wear make-up because he thinks I look fake hahaha. That's not the case with Maskcara at all though!!! It goes on super light and smooth so you really don't feel weighed down or like its caked on. AND my hubby loveeees it because it gives me a more natural look and a beautiful glow, rather than looking like a clown. haha. 

Maskcara provides you with high end makeup caliber at drug store prices! So say goodbye to a complicated make-up routine and say hello to a makeup line that will simplify your life and give you a gorgeous glow and coverage that you will fall completely IN LOVE with! I love sharing my favorite things with you guys and I definitely couldn't leave this one out! If you have any questions or want help color matching yourself go to my sisters insta and shoot her a DM! She will be more than happy to help you. OR if you just cannot wait any longer to order, visit her page and get started! HAPPY SHOPPING! 

Much love, Laura

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