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No matter what season we’re in, my obsession with a great pair of jeans does not fade. My weaknesses are: shoes, jewelry, and denim. I could probably just start my own store with those three things not gunna lie haha.

Anyway, I’ve heard many bloggers rave about topshop and how amaze their jeans were. Honestly, i never gave them a try until recently and i must say they are my new favorite denim brand. I have a very hard time finding pants that actually fit me, in all the ways. My waist to butt ratio is just so weird haha. And since i’m petite most pants i always end up having to fold.


Things I am loving about these pants:

1. Style – I love the the rips on these pants. I’m definitely a sucker for some ripped pants. Most of the pants i own have rips #guilty. Also, I have given them a wash and they didn’t fade one bit. That’s always a plus since some of my old black denim pants have literally turned grey.

2. High rise – I might not be a mom, or in my 30’s, but y’all…I love me a good pair of high rise jeans! High rise denim is pretty much all I wear now. I think they are so much more comfortable and flattering. Plus they come in clutch when you need to hide that food baby after eating too much!

3. Fit / comfort – okay these are probably the most flattering jeans I have ever owned. Most of you know that is probably the most important thing to me when i buy pants. THEY MUST MAKE THAT BOOTY POP! (don’t judge me, you know you look for that too). You have to trust me on this one! Along with the super flattering fit…these jeans are also insanely comfortable!  They are unbelievably stretchy for actually being denim. And lastly, they are the right length for my 5’3” self. They were the right waist to butt size. The butt wasn’t squished and the waist wasn’t lose. A-FREAKIN-MEN!

OUTFIT LINKS: https://go2b.uy/link/733d6b125d974ad0bc25217fe7feea9b




If you are in the hunt for some good quality jeans, i definitely recommend trying topshop! They are a little pricey BUT i promise you wont regret splurging a bit on them. Topshop knows what they’re doing! ;)

This post was created in collaboration with Topshop and Stylinity . As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!