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Marriage, It Ain't Easy

Marriage, It Ain't Easy

I got married at the age of 23 to my high school sweetheart.  Getting married so young wasn’t something a lot of people agreed with. Every time any mention of being engaged or planning our wedding came up, people right away started to share their opinion on us getting married at such a young age. Personally we didn’t think we were too young and both our families were fully supportive of our decision considering we have dated for 6 years prior to getting engaged and didn’t just meet two months ago at some bar. 

Getting married was the best decision we have made. Even though everyone said our lives would be over and everything would change once we get married we have not once felt this to be true. The moment we got married our lives suddenly gained so much more meaning. This person took an oath to be with me for the rest of his life. We found ourselves traveling a lot more, going out with our friends to bars even more often and staying up all night watching movies and talking about life until one of us had fallen asleep!  That didn’t feel like our lives were over, it was just the beginning of the rest of our lives, but together.

We didn’t live together before getting married so this was another big step for us. There’s been challenging times living together and sharing the same space but it’s all about compromise. Marriage is all about compromise. If your not willing to do that for one another, then marriage will be difficult for you. In addition to compromise, we are firm believers that communication and honesty are the keys to our marriage. No, it’s not always easy doing those things and sometimes you feel like you fall off the path, but always think about what is the most important thing to you. For us, it’s about making sure our marriage is strong, that we don’t fight, that we love each other and our love can rub off onto our children one day. 

Being married ain’t easy. It comes with it’s moments of frustration, anger and jealousy, but when your willing to put in the effort communicate, compromise, be open with one another, things will run a lot more smoothly in your relationship, I promise. The last two years of marriage we haven’t fought once. Did we get upset and angry with one another? Yeah, you bet we did. Did we disagree and want different things sometimes? Absolutely! In the end we knew that these things could be easily figured out and if compromising meant something as small as letting my husband get his own little office space in our house and that would make him happy, of course I would figure out a way to do that for him.  

Marriage isn’t hard, but it ain’t easy either. Marriage is whatever you make it. My husband and I choose to love each other through it all. Any hardships,  we know we are in it together. Having someone like that by your side is what really makes the difference. You just have to be on the same page and be willing to do these things for your marriage and for one another. 


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Monika is the writer of Sunsets and Bubbly Blog. She is 25 years old, happily married and about to be a brand new momma this coming summer. She started blogging mid 2017 and has been blown away by the engagement and friendships she has made so quickly. Blogging has easily become her passion and most favorite way to spend her time. To keep up with Monika, you can follow her along on instagram @sunsetsandbubblyblog and her website www.sunsetsandbubbly.com