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A Grey's Anatomy Post

A Grey's Anatomy Post

Anyone who watches Grey’s Anatomy knows that the moment we begin to watch the show, life becomes a little different ;)

1. You get the hospital lingo: You start to think that you could be a doctor now. When Spencer cut his finger a couple days ago, I felt like I was ready to operate! Like who needs school when you have Grey's Anatomy. Am I Right? haha kidding!

2. You crave action: You just want to see something explode or have a local street cave in. Anything that’s interesting/exciting on the show. 

3. You start to value the people around you a little more: You watch those VERY emotional episodes where loved ones are going through a tough time, and then it reminds you that the one’s you love could be gone in a second.

4. You can’t hold back the tears: The show brought out your inner cry baby, and you honestly feel no shame. I feel you!! I am constantly crying while watching the show.

5. The show becomes an addiction: Your mind goes back to it all the time. You impatiently wait for the newest episode and when you are all caught up you start thinking about how maybe you should watch the episodes again. Oh yes, it's happened to me. And whoever feels the same, yes we have a serious problem! haha.

6. Your friendships are built on a foundation heavily laced with a love for Grey’s Anatomy: You just feel this bond with others that are also hooked on the show. It's like you are long time besties.

7. You fall in love with the music on Grey's Anatomy: You love the slow and you cry almost every 5 mins, but the music though... that is the cherry on top. Heartfelt music and acoustic covers like no other... Another 5 mins of tears. Yay!

I was watching Grey's Anatomy and started thinking of how much I LOVE this show and can't ever get enough. So I wanted to share all the feelings I feel when watching the show. Hope you enjoyed reading! If you are also a Grey's Anatomy lover like myself, what are some other things you enjoy about the show?! Let's Bond! hehe ;)

Much love, Laura

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