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Don't Lose Yourself

Don't Lose Yourself

By nature, I consider myself to be a very happy, caring, optimistic person. I have always been one to look on the bright side. And try my best to always be there for people as much as I can to show them how much I care. My philosophy in life is that the world is full of brightness, love, and possibilities.

A few years ago my philosophy began to fade. When people were obnoxious and rude It really made my blood boil and all of a sudden they became nothing to me. I simply didn't understand how people could be mean, rude, or offensive. I took it personally when people didn't reach out to me like I did for them. I became cold. I felt like something had crawled into my brain and flipped all the positive switches off and the negative ones on. Before that phase of my life I was kind, gentle, and compassionate person (and I still am haha) but sometimes I was even too gentle, too nice.

I began to retreat myself from people. My temper shortened and I had little patience for anything. I was tired of being so nice and still get treated unfairly. I married Spencer and was still struggling with feeling that way. But If you know Spencer, you know he is one of the most loving, and understanding human beings. With his example and love I became a lot more motivated to go back to the 'old' me. And that is where my journey with my blog began. I was on a roll with all this positiveness, like no one could stop me haha. My philosophy on life came back. However, lately I have been struggling with those feelings I felt so long ago...

How is it that you try so hard to remain so positive and then all of a sudden a lot of things start to get tough in your life?

How is it that you are still trying to be the best version of yourself and be there for everyone, you know, check up on them, support them, and they don't even acknowledged you/ appreciate you?

How is it that you start to try to be nicer to people and they are still so obnoxious and rude?

I recently catch myself replaying those questions in my head over and over again.

That's part of life. Life isn't suppose to be perfect.

Yesterday was a rough one for me, feeling so unmotivated and upset all day, however, I woke up this morning, took an awesome bath, and I am choosing to not let these things affect me. I am choosing to continue trying to better myself. I am choosing to just keep being me. 

So if you are going through a time in life where you feel like no matter how positive you try to remain, things still don't seem to be working out like you expected. If you are hurt because you feel like you give and give but no one appreciates you. If you feel like people don't support you, you are trying really hard to be better but there's just that one person that is still rude and obnoxious, remember... the best thing to do is try to stay positive, stay motivated, don't lose yourself in the mist of all the craziness in life and people. Keep being you. Keep doing you. <3

Much love, Laura

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