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My Interracial Marriage

My Interracial Marriage

He’s a professional goofball, talented car-singer, and warm-hearted guy. I’m a pizza-obsessed, happy-dance enthusiast. On any given day you can catch us dancing and singing all around our apartment and being extremely weird. We’re known to laugh, be spontaneous and share kisses on the regular, and stumble upon adventure no matter where we are.

A little background

If you are a new reader, I came to the U.S. when I was 4 years old. I grew up in I guess what you would call the American Culture. However, at home it was all Colombian. They were completely different but I grew up knowing both cultures very well. 

Even though things aren't the way they used to be, there is still hatred carried by many, relating to race. So the thought of ever marrying anyone outside of my race made me afraid.

When I started dating Spencer I remember being extremely nervous to meet his family, mainly because I wondered what they would think of me being that I was the first from a different race to marry into his immediate family. The thought of how him and my parents would communicate because of the language barrier made me nervous. And like any interracial/ mixed couple, feared that the slight differences in culture would keep our relationship from working out.

Looking back, I laugh at the thought of having been nervous to meet his family. They are so welcoming and loving. My parents ADORE Spencer and they manage to communicate just fine. And our cultural differences are what make our relationship unique and more wonderful. We have learned so much from one another as we leaned into our love story. Through shared respect, open communication, and a healthy dose of laughter, we continue to grow stronger as a couple and as individuals.

Love knows no race. Love knows no culture. We too often forget we are all humans. We’re all in this together and it’s only by embracing our differences, rather than fearing them, that we can love and uplift society as a whole.

*Some things that make us unique*

-Most of the time you can find us jamming out to all my Spanish music.
-Despacito is our FAVE Spanish song, as of right now, and he doesn't know Spanish fluently just yet so he rhymes Despacito with taquito/ taco the entire song. LOL.
-Teaching him how to salsa dance is a MUST.
-He appreciates my mothers Colombian cooking as much as I do.
-He shows Colombian pride ALMOST as much as I do.
-When I am mad at him, my Colombian accent comes out (I can't help it). So he calls me his feisty latina, and it makes me even more mad haha.
-It wasn't easy growing up learning 2 languages at the same time, so he has to correct my grammar sometimes.
-I randomly talk to him in Spanish and he tries to figure out what I say. He's getting better!
-He's watched a couple of Novelas with me.
-He has made it a goal to learn Spanish by the time we have kids.
-Oh yeah...WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HAVE GORGEOUS MIXED BABIES!!! (I literally pray they have his eyes haha)

As usual, if you made it all the way here, thanks for reading!
If you are in an interracial/mixed relationship/marriage I would love to hear all about your experience!
Until next time!

Much love, Laura



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