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Neighborhood Guide: The West Loop & Zumper

Neighborhood Guide: The West Loop & Zumper

It’s been almost two years since Spencer and I moved to Chicago. We have loved the place we live in but are ready for some exciting changes. Currently we are looking to find a new home in one of our favorite neighborhoods and Zumper has come in clutch during this time!

The West Loop is an industrial and always hoppin’ neighborhood! You have everything from sushi bars to sports bars, hipster coffee shops to high-end restaurants, and the nightlife doesn’t fall too far behind either! Among the West Loop, you will also find luxe lofts, high rise apartments, cute boutique stores, and even some fun art galleries. If you ask me, the West Loop has the whole dang package.

One of my favorite spots in The West Loop is called Monte Verde. I remember one day on our way back from hiking, Spence and I were craving some good high-end food, I mean I hiked, I deserved it haha. We stopped by Monte Verde and it was just the best environment, best food, best service! Another spot we randomly found one day while out and about was Jellyfish—it seriously is the most peaceful environment and great experience! And let’s just say the food. OH. MY. GAWD. so freaking good!!! Definitely recommend checking these spots out if you are ever around the area.

Zumper is a full-service home and apartment rental platform that allows you to find and rent the best places to live in your city. Zumper offers really handy tools such as the capability to search for specific amenities you are looking for in a place, and it notifies you when you have listings available for specific neighborhoods and rent prices that you are looking for.

A really sweet tool that Zumper has is called “Book Now” and it is designed to help landlords and renters make a quick decision. If you see a property that you love, you can click on the “book now” feature and you can send in all your info their way and they will get back to you within 24hrs to let you know if you have been approved or declined.

If you are looking for a new home, don’t hesitate in checking out Zumper!  

This blog post is sponsored by Zumper and as always thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Monte Verde

(the restaurant described above)  



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