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Bet You Didn't Know This About Blogging

Bet You Didn't Know This About Blogging

I've been a little MIA lately with my blog. I recently started working with more brands and I wasn't use to balancing that and my blog, so it became a little overwhelming where I had to take a step back and do some scheduling and rearranging. However, I am back! HOLLAAA!

Today I want to get into what blogging really is and what it takes to grow a blog. And no its not your typical ” oh I bought a new pair of shoes and they just magically re positioned themselves beautifully on my fur rug next to perfectly positioned sunflowers.”


One of the things I find difficult about this job is most definitely the vagueness of the field itself. The usual questions I get would be ” So, what is it that you actually do?” "Do you even work?" If you have a family member that is a blogger, I’m sure you have asked them what the details of their job entails. And if you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’ve had people not take you seriously because of the mere fact that this career has been misunderstood more than a few times, time and time again.

I always get weird reactions, especially from adults/ the elderly when I mention things about my blog: events, phone calls, answering/sending emails, what have you. It is a tiny bit frustrating to have to explain the logistics of my career but I feel that I am not only speaking for myself but I know I’m speaking on the behalf of tons of bloggers who have been feeling the same way as I do.

I. So like do you have a job? 

Yes, at this point I do consider blogging my job. A year and a half ago when i was first starting out and wasn't making anything out of blogging, i didn't. I have spent so much of my time building my website, my brand, my name that I think I would be crazy to say no. I'm sure people assume that because I don't work your typical 9-5 job then I must not be doing anything. I like to think that following my passions and dreams is something, right? haha

II. People don’t believe that you’re actually busy because you run a blog.

“Isn’t it just taking a few photos and posting your “OOTD” online?”  Oh boy does that annoy me so much! Most blogs are businesses and actually make money. I'd like to think my blog is a business and a brand before it is an actual blog. Blogging entails more than just a few pictures. It’s photography, editing, writing, being on your computer most of the day writing and replying to emails, some phone calls, scheduling posts, social media stuff, designing, creating. And I'm still a little fish in the sea. Can you imagine everything else big time bloggers do?

II.  "So wait. You want to be a model , right?” 


No I don’t want to be a model. No I’m not looking to be Victoria’s Secret’s next runway doll. Otherwise, I would be lining up for model castings haha! but really no. Just because we post our photos online and on social mediums, doesn’t mean we want to be models. We simply want to post the clothing we are loving, write our hearts out, etc...  I’m simply here to be a constant source of inspiration. I love to write, create, inspire and show women and/ or men how to highlight and become the best versions of themselves.

III. Not everyone is going to like you. Bloggers & Followers

Ever heard of “you can’t sit with us bloggers?”

Ohhhh geez…they’re out there. Bloggers can be as catty as the high school cheerleading team…& I’m not interested in the head flyer position.

Let me tell ya something, bloggers get very competitive with each other and there’s gossip and cattiness. Some pick and choose who they want in their "clique". Yes, I've witnessed this. I'm not the kind of person who likes to have cliques so I just think its honestly so dumb haha. Like are we still in high school? 

Now followers, you'd be surprised how many people unfollow you once you start a blog. They start thinking you are annoying and you probably think you are all that. 

My point is that no matter what you do, you will always get judgement from people. So if you're doing this blogging thing-stay in your lane, focus on you and on all the ways you can grow. 

IV. Instagram is as important as your blog

Ah, the reason why so many people dislike us. Yes, we are picky about what we post on Instagram (photos must be uniformed, well edited and spotless most of the time) it's not because our lives are perfect. NO WAY JOSE!!! It's because it is a huge part of our blog, our work, our business. It is what brands like to see to want to work with us. 

V. Blogging can take over your life very easily and can (at times) be draining

When I focus on instagram, blogging and gaining a lot of followers too much I always seem to lack inspiration so I’ve definitely learned how to manage my time on social media and do other things. This is a little hard though, because part of this blogging gig is you have to engage with your followers, you have to constantly be putting content out there, it's sometimes so hard to just "take a social media break" but trust me when I say us bloggers also get drained by the social media game.

That's all I've got for you today. Like always thanks so much for being here and for taking your time to read. 

Much love, Laura

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