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Can You Please Stop Settling For Less

Can You Please Stop Settling For Less


I really dislike that word. It makes me cringe. Especially when it becomes "settling for less". Because is there anyone that actually wants to settle for less???


Mhmm... Yeah didn't think so. 

But here is the thing guys. Many people settle for less. Especially when it comes to relationships. For some reason society has made it a thing that you need to be married at a certain age, or you need to start having babies at a certain time, etc, etc... YAWN. I'M BORED. (I've been watching too much of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' lately. So there's a more dramatic side to me atm HA).

Ladies, DO NOT settle for a dude that doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated because you’re being pressured to the “expectations” of society. 

I'm going to back up a little bit here...

I haven't really gone into this area of my life but I’ve been there.

One boyfriend was a real liar. He would lie, lie, lie. I thought I was going to marry this kid.

We dated for like 4 years. But it was that kind of relationship where you break up, you make up.

I put up with his ish for 4 years. Literally all of my high school years. 

4 years of settling for less.


At this point in my life I would have kicked his butt to the curb. No matter what age. I would never settle for a liar. LIKE BYE FELICIA! 

The other dingle berry boyfriend & I dated for a year or so. This one was just too jealous and sorta manipulative. 

When you are with someone for that long, i kid you not you start to catch those insecurities and traits. It becomes toxic and tiring. 


My point is: maybe you’re settling for less. Maybe you secretly, deep down know you are & you’re not being real with yourself. Maybe you are afraid of being alone. Maybe you are afraid that you won't find love again. Maybe you are scared to leave something that is "somewhat" good. Maybe your friends are all getting married and settling down and you want the same thing. Trust me, I know those feelings all too well because I had them. You need to have an honest conversation which requires an EXTREME amount of self awareness. Snap yourself out of being in a delusional relationship. 

You do you, boo. Know your worth!

Something that i have found to be more than true based on my experiences and where I am today is "Anything that is worth it, takes time & patience."

Thoughts? I would love to hear them.

Much love, Laura

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