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Create Deeper Connections

Create Deeper Connections

On today's blog post I want to share with you guys why connection has become SO important to me. If you are wanting to create more meaningful connections in life, my hope is that this post will give you a little inspiration to make that happen!

For a while I made it one of my goals to make connection a priority in my life. Connection truly is very meaningful. Whether it's connecting with others or yourself, wanting to feel connected in life is very important. 

When I look back on all of the meaningful things and moments that have happened in my life, they all involve people. You know, at times I think I can get through life just doing my own thing, being my typical introverted self and not making the effort to go out and meet people. But really, connection is where good stuff happens. Our relationships with others encourage growth, insight, and new ways of thinking.

This is what the word CONNECTION means to me.


The first word that comes to mind is community, which means feeling included and including others. It also means meeting new people, online and offline, and feeling like I can contribute to something that doesn’t revolve around just me. 


Conversation because I want to have meaningful, deep and inspiring conversations. That means stepping out of my comfort zone and finding people who I can have those conversations with. I also want to make sure that I’m taking care of the relationships I already have in my life by staying in touch and being a good friend.


Another element of connection is compassion. To me, compassion means being less judgmental, more open-minded, and more supportive and encouraging towards myself and others. Sometimes I judge others before I really know them, and I judge myself for my weaknesses, so I am working very hard to be kinder and more compassionate in this area of my life.


Contemplation, which I’m using to mean reflecting often and finding time to be with myself. Whether that’s through writing, reading, etc... I want to spend time with myself. I want to continue learning about myself, getting to know my strengths, and spending time doing what I love daily.

Of course I am only human and I am not perfect, sometimes I lack on these things and sometimes I have the feeling that I may be a little overwhelming to some people but honestly WHO CARES! Hahaha. I'm really just doing this for myself. It's part of my personal development and I kid you not it has made me feel more connected to myself, my purpose, and others. 

Hope this was a good read and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! 

Much love, Laura

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