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Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All

So im pretty new to this blog thing. I dont know how it works really, but I decided I wanted my first blog post to be about something that is very dear to my heart. My love story (I know, I know pretty corny). I always get questions as to how Spencer and I met. Our story is pretty long and crazy so if you wanna know all the deets stay with me and you'll know it all! ;) 

It was Summer of 2011, in my hometown Katy, TX. My friend Shannon and I were at the YMCA relaxing by the pool. It was then that I saw the most beautiful lifeguard (I am not even kidding guys, he was BEAUTIFUL!!!) After that day, I went to the pool literally almost every day. It is safe to say I became a little obsessed with this hot lifeguard boy. At the time I had a friend from school that worked at the YMCA as well. I asked him if he knew what that handsome lifeguard's name was as I lowkey pointed at him. He said he thought his name was Spencer but he was not too sure. As soon as I got home I got on FB and looked him up (HA I know! Judge me). I thought I would never find him. But surprisingly we had mutual friends so there he was! Can you guess what I did next?!
AH! I added him. HAHA. I'm so embarrassed! I can't even believe I'm telling this story. After a while I had stopped seeing him around. I honestly got a bit sad because no more eye candy for me. But It's not like we ever talked anyway so I was over it. 

About two years later, Summer of 2013, I started working at the YMCA as a swim instructor. At one of our Saturday morning meetings, guess who showed up??? JUST GUESS! 😬

The hot lifeguard I was so obssesed with that one summer!!! I FREAKED! I think I started hyperventilating haha. Let me just say getting up in the mornings to go to work became a lot easier and a lot more exciting! It wasn't until a month after he started working there again that I actually had the guts to talk to him. From then we would talk during our breaks and we just hit it off really well. Except I didnt even have his number. Sooo with that being said, the weird freak that I am, went to the lifeguard room where all the lifeguard phone numbers were posted on the wall, and got his phone number. Yep. I did that. 

The YMCA employees always had a get-together on Fridays so I figured it would be an awesome opportunity to hang out with Spencer more. I personally had never gone to these get togethers but either way I texted him and let him know of the event. He actually ended up coming but we didn't even end up hanging out. People were just pulling us in all different directions the whole night. It was a fail. However, he did offer to give me a ride home that night, and of course I did not reject that offer! How could I?!

We talked the whole ride back, we got to know eachother a little more, it was simply great! After that day, we pretty much became besties. We hung out all the time, we texted every day, non stop. We opened up to each other more than we ever had with other people. We were pretty inseparable. Here's the thing though, attraction and friendship started turning into love. Yes, I was starting to fall for him, guys. And it freeaked me out. 

Sometime after that started to happen, I received a text from Spencer very upset and devastated. His mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. It made me SO upset to see him that way, even though I did not know her, I could only imagine the hard time his family was going through. Couple of weeks after, he texted me to meet up with him. When I got there he told me he cared for me a lot but he was not looking to have anything serious at the moment. I swear he talked for like 30 mins straight. And I don't even remember hearing anything because I was so shocked. I just didn't see that coming, I guess. When he was done explaining, I told him I completely understood and that I held no grudges. We hugged, said good bye and parted ways.

Days, weeks, months went by without talking to him, seeing him, hearing from him. It was a REALLY hard time for me because not only had I lost my best friend but also someone I had completely fallen for. Around that time, I became good friends with another guy I knew back then. We started hanging out more, and eventually we started dating. Everything was great and all, I thought this relationship was actually going somewhere.  But one day I randomly could not stop thinking about Spencer's mom. I was wondering how she was doing. I was wondering how he was doing. So I found myself texting him. I honestly didn't think he was going to respond. BUT HE DID! And ohhhh my gosh I literally threw my phone because I panicked! I didn't even know why, in my mind I had moved on. Well we started catching up and he mentioned he was living in Arizona at the time but he was going to be moving back to Katy to help take care of his mom. The day he got back was the day we saw eachother again since the breakup. Not going to lie, on my way to see him I was panicking. My pits were so sweaty and all. TMI? Sorry! I wanted to just ditch because I was SO scared. But I didn't ;). We hung out, chatted, caught up, but it was a bit weird. I had a boyfriend at the time, so I felt guilty even hanging out with an old friend/boyfriend. However, we were just friends so I thought it would be ok. After a couple of times of hanging out, constantly texting back and forth Spencer mentioned he still had feelings for me, and that during the time we weren't together he was miserable. Like WHAAAAT! 😭 I found myself in a reallyyy bad spot, super confused, my emotions were all over the place. I mean I had a boyfriend, part of me was still hurt about what happened with Spencer, and my parents weren't really too fond of him because they saw how hurt I was after our breakup. 

There was just so much confusion going on, so I decided to put my relationship to an end to figure myself out. It literally took me months to figure things out. (It sounds pretty dramatic but its actually true). For months Spencer would send me love letters, he even built a jewelry box for me with my name engraved on it. Lets just say he tried really hard to get me back. 

One day we had a super deep conversation about the past, the future, marriage, kids. And it suddenly clicked! He was the one! I didn't need to figure anything out! He's been the one all along. 

We started dating November 14th, 2015. He proposed March 8th, 2016 in San Diego. And honestly I dont even remember if I said yes, I was just SO overjoyed. Imagine getting asked to be married to your best friend and the guy you've been crushing on for sooo long. It's pretty AMAZING! We got married May 14th, 2016, we are now 6 months into marriage and I'm the happiest I have ever been! I get to love the most loving, genuine, hardworking, wonderful man for the rest of my life. Every day I feel so entirely BLESSED and give thanks to God for putting him in my life. We have a crazy, one of a kind story, but I wouldnt have it any other way. ❤️

Funny little story: When Spencer and I were dating a while back he was looking to add me on facebook and then he realized we were already friends and was SO confused. That is when I had to spill the beans and tell him how I was lowkey obsessed with him, when I didn't even know him.
HOW EMBARRASSING!!! He makes fun of me for that till this day. It is honestly a good story to tell our kids though. 😬

Thanks for stopping by and reading the entire story. I loved sharing it with you guys. Until next time!

Much Love, Laura

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