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Pictures: A Celebration

Pictures: A Celebration

This all might sound incredibly silly to you, but I just feel like it's way way way more important to talk about than we think it is and it’s been on my mind a lot lately.

I truthfully get excited when I see tiny squares of pictures of people, their lives, their hobbies, even the captions that explains the story behind that picture. It’s because I know that it takes a little courage, a little thought, a little boldness. Okay... not little, a lot. Especially now a days, in this social media world. We all pause and worry that people will jump to conclusions, or formulate opinions that aren't accurate. That maybe they'll think we're searching for affirmation, that we think we’re all that, or that we’re seeking compliments. Either way, it’s really none of our business. However, it is our business to love anyways. To encourage them. To celebrate a brief moment of their vulnerability.

That's all this social media thing really is anyways, flashes of vulnerability. Glimpses of our insecurities manifesting themselves as mountain top moments. But past that, is the depths of our hearts, our spirits, the parts of us that love deeply, that dance fearlessly to their own beat.

I think when we share a picture we're saying -

I have come so far.

I feel beautiful.

I am new.

I am loved.

I am awake.

I am living.

We just want people to see us in moments we feel really content being in our own skin. And in moments we are loving to be alive. And chasing our dreams and passions. I think that they help us see into someone's eyes, their spirit. They help us to see that someone felt comfortable and bold for long enough to document it.

Let's celebrate that. Like really truly celebrate it. I think it's really worth celebrating.

You go you! ❤️

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