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Rejection & Failure| Out Of The Ordinary Gifts

Rejection & Failure| Out Of The Ordinary Gifts

Today I woke up on the right side of the bed. I don't know what it was. But I woke up full of motivation. Full of inspiration. Full of hope. Full of new perspectives. With a crave like I haven't felt in a while to continue to better myself. As I was washing the dishes this morning and doing laundry the words rejection & failure appeared in my head. And it was then I questioned the real definition of rejection and failure.

Rejection. Failure. What does it mean to you?!

While you think of that I'll just go ahead and tell you what I narrowed it down to be.

Rejection has come to take a negative connotation in our lives. Fear of it can paralyze us into doing nothing at all. We’ve pushed it all to the “ugly” side of things. The things we’d rather ignore and forget about. The things in life we hope to never experience. We label ourselves based on rejections and what we define failures.

The perspectives we have on rejection and failure have boxed us up for far too long and kept us back from who we were made to be. We all seem to avoid those two things as if they are the last things we want to experience. Why is that?! Because they hurt. They break down the walls of pride that we’ve built up around our hearts. They reveal the ugly and messy parts of us. They reinforce the worst things about us. It’s as if fear, rejection, and failure speak to us, whispering,
"You don’t fit in here. You don’t belong. You don’t have what it takes. And you never will."

BUT WHAT IF, there is an entirely different perspective we can see rejection and failure from?

Isn’t it worth one thousand rejections of the wrong thing or the wrong person or the wrong group of friends to find the one thing or one person or one group of friends, or the one job you belong to???

Because in this life, we will get rejected. That’s a promise.

We will be rejected, because we were not meant to be accepted by everyone.

We are not for everyone.

We are not for the whole world.

We might not have found "our" people yet.

We might feel uncomfortable. like each attempt at a new friendship dies out. Or we didn't lay a job we really wanted.

And you know what... that is OK.

We may feel like there’s something wrong with us.

Like maybe no one understands our heart?

But I say this with all hope. One day, you will find the person that you mean the world to. Maybe one day you will find the friend who means the world to you. I really hope you do. And you will realize you don’t need a world of friends. A few close hearts can mean everything. You don’t need a spotlight shined on your life.

Because honestly?

The person who is never rejected-who never fails-who never messes up...

has never risked.

And if you haven’t risked anything, are you really living at all?

See rejection and failure through a new perspective. They’re pointing you to where you belong. They are pointing to the arms of a God who always accepts you. They’re pointing to the people He made to be in your life. It's the mundane days in life that require the most courage. The courage to be bold and to keep going forward, accepting the fact that in this life you will face rejection and failure. And yet at the same time, you can accept the fact that every rejection and failure is pointing you to your greater purpose. To your greatest destination.

So is it worth it?! YES. One thousand rejections and a thousand failures are worth it when you find the one person you were meant to be with–or the one passion you were created to spend your life pursuing.

So let's carry on my lovelies! Rejection & Failure ain't got a thing over us <3

Much love, Laura

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