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You're The Straw to My Berry

You're The Straw to My Berry

I think that people are placed into our lives for a reason. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky and what I have done to deserve a friend like this little chica. People come and go, but she's never left.

e've been friends for how long?! Almost 9 years!

Thats Insane!!!

Do you remember when I moved to Katy in 8th grade, we rode the same bus, lived in the same neighborhood and you didn't like me because you thought I was an obnoxious, flirty, new girl. Who would've thought that the following year we would start making memories.

Shannon. Oh my sweet sweet Shannon. Your friendship is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

I could literally write a book about the positive affect you have had on my life. But I'll just start with this...Your heart is one of the purest that I have ever known. Your energy and smile radiates whenever you walk through a door. The love and compassion that you show for others is so special. I am so grateful to be influenced by you.

You know me to my core! You know what makes me smile and what ticks me off. I still think it's so crazy how well you know me. You can tell in an instant when I am upset and then continue to do everything in your power to make me feel better. Remember that time I snapped at you, and then you got so sad afterwards. That was literally the only time we've ever "fought". It's amazing! You understand my odd sense of humor, make fun of my weird grammatical errors, and laugh at my terrible jokes. I honestly have never had a bad moment with you.

You fill my life with an immense amount of happiness and love. I know that wherever life takes us, you will be part of my life. If we don’t talk for some time, which it's happened before, we still manage to pick up right where we left off.

You are the epitome of a beautiful human being. I seriously thank your parents for raising such a wonderful human being. And I hope that every person in this world has someone like you in their lives.

I miss you dearly! And I can't wait until the next time I see you again. You deserve this post. And many more beautiful things in this world.

Te amo mi Shanniton!!! <3

Below is a Q&A Shannon and I have decided to do about each other!!!

 1. What is something you can predict about your best friend? 
S: She's going to be beautiful and bubbly forever, and she will have pretty babies!!
L: She will be a great wife and a wonderful mother. It's in her nature. She's just the bomb.com!

2. Describe your best friends signature beauty?
S: Not to be redundant, but her bubbly nature! She's so sweet and has a contagious smile!
L: Her laugh!!! She has such a contagious laugh.

3. In one word... what would be an embarrassing memory with your bestie, that you probably shouldn't talk about? 
S: Not much embarrasses me around her, but probably "pooting"? Idk haha
L: Mhm...well I can't describe this in one word. So basically in sleepovers we would fall asleep cuddling. Lol

4. I'd describe my best friends personality as...?
S: effervescent
L: darling!!

5. Never have we ever...?
S: uh... done drugs together, obviously. Lol. Except alcohol.
L: Traveled the world

6. What is your favorite memory together?
S: "Studying" high school World Geography
L: Going wedding dress shopping <3

What is your best friends love language?
S: Oh my... I feel like she's different about expressing things to me than with her S.O. (Aka Spencer). But if I had to guess one thing, I'd maybe say Spending Quality Time? Or Physical Touch (obviously doesn't really apply to me lol)
L: She loves spending quality time with her significant other as well as physical touch.

Complete the sentence...my best friend is my...?
S: Best friend... jk. She's my bestie-for- the-restie, my ride-or/-die, my sister-from-another-mister, and my confidante.
L: Bestie for the restie. The sister I never had.

9. One day we should try...?
S: Vacationing together to a cool, exotic place!
L: We really need to travel somewhere exotic!!!

10. If you could give your friend one last piece of advice, what would it be?
S: Relentlessly aim to challenge yourself and learn and grow as a person, a friend, a spouse, and a citizen of the world. Don't let that flame die out.
L: Never change who you are. You are beautiful inside and out. And you're definitely one of a kind, booboo.

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