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The Struggles of Being Bilingual

The Struggles of Being Bilingual

Hey all! 

So most of you know that I speak two languages. I'm fluent in Spanish (my birth language) and English. Though being able to communicate in more than one tongue has tons of benefits- there are also struggles. Oh man, there are struggles alright. Specially for someone who grew up in the states.

More than once I have spoken Spanish to someone that only speaks English and has no idea what I'm saying. And words sometimes just come out of my mouth in Spanglish. Oops! Sorry mom and dad. 

I thought it would be so fun to make a post about the struggles of being bilingual! Maybe you will find something you also face :P

1. When people ask you to help them with their school paper/homework etc. 


I took Spanish in High School because why not? It was an easy class for me. So yes, this was a constant thing. 

2. When your phone doesn't freaking get the point!


I don't have Spanish as my keyboard so when I am trying to text my parents in Spanish my phone just goes NUTS. "Me purses llamar?" Or "Que hi it's hoy" Like what? What even is that?

3. When you try to translate a really funny story from one language to the other. And it ends up not even making sense. 


Literally happens every time. I just gave up trying to be funny. 

4. When you grow up speaking two languages at the same time. You tend to make up a lot of words. 


It makes sense in my head, OK? 

5. When it takes you a minute to translate something because you have to flip the mental switch.


Wait. Pause. My brain needs time to switch languages, people!!! 😰

6. When there's a word for something in one language but not in the other. 


Te quiero. What is the exact translation of that in English? It's definitely not I love you. I like you? I don't even know. 🙄

7. When you change languages mid-sentence.


Uhm yeah. When I'm in mid sentence and forget a word, so I just substitute it with a word from the other language. 

8. When you are Latina and you just can't help but be too EXTRA. 


As my handsome gringo husband would say. "You are my feisty latina wife." I meannn... Thanks! 🤷🏽‍♀️😅

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