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Weekend Getaway with a Toyota Camry

Weekend Getaway with a Toyota Camry

Hello Friends!! Happy Friday! 

A few weeks ago I got a super exciting email from Toyota USA! In honor of International Friendship Day, Toyota provided me with a car for one week to celebrate with my friends this special date. I was so excited to let them know I had the perfect outing planned to celebrate friendship day.

The car that I got to try out was the 2018 Toyota Camry XSE V6 and I absolutely fell deeply in love with it!! It is hands down the smoothest car and easiest car I have ever driven. And not to mention how spacious it is! I grew up in a family that loves Toyota's, so finding out I would be able to test drive one for a week- was so exciting for me! Toyota is definitely high on my list.

Spencer (being my BFF of course) and I decided to take a road trip up to 'Starved Rock'. It is about 2 hours from Chicago and it is a state park where you have everything from hiking, waterfalls, food and cabins! What we loved the most was that it was dog friendly- so we took the opportunity to take our pup with us. I was so excited to get everything packed up and ready for the road! Spencer and I haven't had a car since we moved to the city and it was oh so nice to finally feel that freedom that comes from having one. We both LOVE road trips and that was one of the things that we missed the most about having a car. We jammed to our music our way there, stopped at a few places for snacks, talked, laughed and it was just the best weekend we have had in a long time, especially in celebration of our relationship and friendship!

When we got back to the city we had many different date nights and just kept enjoying our time with this sweet ride. I could not have been more thankful for the chance to drive this beautiful car!

Here are a few of the things I really loved about the Camry

1. Heads up display

2. Wifi (being a blogger it is so nice having this!)

3. Driving modes 

4. Sound system

5. Parallel parking assist

6. Lane departure 

7. Radar cruise control 

8. Quiet and smooth on the road

9. Dashboard (so easy to navigate)

10. Very spacious! 

Thank you Toyota for your partnership and as always thoughts and opinions are my own.

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