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Kinda weird topic.


I only wax about once a year because i am a whimp and don’t like the pain that comes with waxing haha


I’m no expert but I figured this is a community in which i help you and you help me. Ya feel?

First shaving tip i have is super basic and i’m sure most of ya’ll already know this- a razor, but a MENS razor.

I ALWAYS ALWAYS use a men’s razor when i shave. They just work the best and honestly i am a pretty hairy human so i just need the best razor out there lolz!

The shave of using a men’s razor is just a closer shave. Like CLOSE shave. It gets the hair real good.

Also, this is weird but i DO NOT shave with razor cream. They have too many chemicals and i’m just not for it! Instead i use…aloe vera mixed with coconut oil. I know, weird! But it works! It gives it a natural lubricant so it protects the skin from bumps and cuts. And even if you miss a couple of hairs here and there (because you know…that happens) you cant tell!!!

Real life changer!

I have also heard that aloe vera + coconut oil + lavender oil mixed together works miracles. I have yet to try it with lavender oil!! So ill keep ya posted.

So anyway, there ya have it! how do you keep the areas of your body that you shave soft & smooth!

If you have any more tips, don’t hesitate in sharing them! Even if it’s weird…we’re all weird in this little corner of the internet :)

Much love, Laura